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A recent case demonstrates the importance of clear wording when drafting a standstill agreement, as John Starr finds out

Parties continue to look for ever-more ingenious ways of trying to strike out claims for being outside the relevant limitation period. The recent case of Russell v Stone [2017] is an example of that. However, it also serves as a warning about:

John Midgley reviews the issues surrounding basement extensions by leaseholders

Basement excavations have been popular for some time in areas where residential property is in high demand – especially as modern techniques for excavation and building have made these developments more practicable.

Emma Pinkerton and Sarah Moore explain how to best deal with occupation when a contracted-out lease comes to an end

Landlords often want leases to be contracted out of the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Matt Hutchings QC considers some of the lessons to be learned from his experience of acting for the London Borough of Southwark when enforcing s106 agreements

I recently acted on behalf of the London Borough of Southwark, which brought claims in the Chancery Division to enforce affordable housing obligations imposed by s106 agreements. These claims were recently concluded by settlements approved by the High Court, and raised a number of legal issues of relevance to practitioners in this area, including:

Amanda Tipples QC examines the interaction of common intention constructive trusts and proprietary estoppel in light of the decision in Matchmove v Dowding

Earlier this year I was invited by Professor McFarlane to speak at a UCL symposium on new work in property and trust law. I was asked to share my views, as a practitioner, as to trends or developments in the law, together with the relevance of scholarship in legal arguments.

John Starr focuses on three cases that highlight pitfalls for the construction law practitioner

In this article I examine three recent cases of interest: Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd v Marsh Life Ltd [2017], RCS Contractors Ltd v Conway [2017] and Thakkar v Patel [2017].

Simon Tilling and Sarah Raby review the new air quality plan

Air quality is one of the major environmental issues facing the modern world. Combustion of fuels in, for example, power generation, industrial processes, domestic heating and road vehicles causes the release of harmful air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Development activity therefore tends to go hand in hand with increases in emissions and reductions in air quality.

A ‘licence’ can turn out to be a lease when put to judicial scrutiny. Emma Pinkerton and Sarah Moore explain how to make sure legal documentation delivers

Clients often ask their solicitors to put a licence in place, thinking that a licence will be easier and quicker to agree than a lease and that a licence must also be cheaper.