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Emma Zeb focuses on the social benefit of an activity versus the risks of injury

I suspect that, for most of the 237th Castle Bromwich Scout Group, Mr Newsome was one of the coolest scout leaders. After all he let his troupe play a game that allowed them to run around in near-dark conditions competing against each other to find a limited number of blocks on the floor. Fun? Yes. Exciting? Yes. An adrenaline rush? Probably. But of social utility or value in any way? No. Or so two thirds of a three-judge Court of Appeal found when they awarded damages to Mark Barnes for injuries he sustained during this activity.

Dr Peter Hollingworth discusses how to approach claims for complex regional pain syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an uncommon condition in which an area of the body, usually a hand or foot, has an unusual response to injury; although the direct effect of the injury heals, the injured part continues to be painful and exhibits colour and temperature change.

Andrew Hogan investigates credit hire agreements in view of Chen Wei v Cambridge Power and Light Ltd

The decision in Chen Wei v Cambridge Power and Light Ltd (2010) has come to the consideration of those representing liability insurers, and numerous cases have now been argued across the country (with varying results) favouring either the credit hire company or the liability insurer.

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