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In the first of a two-part discussion, Claire Glaister and Frances Bailey look at procedure, practice and potential pitfalls when dealing with divorce proceedings

The purpose of this article is to bring to the busy practitioner’s attention those miscellaneous issues that occasionally arise in relation to divorce proceedings. These provisions correspond generally to civil partnership dissolution. In addition the provisions regarding, for example, service apply to nullity and judicial separation suits also. This article does not provide a comprehensive summary in relation to each and every application but guides the practitioner to the relevant procedural points and where further information can be found. Unless stated otherwise, references to any rule is to the relevant section of the Family Proceedings Rules 1991 (FPR 1991).

Emma Mould analyses the risks of failing to obtain a final ancillary relief order when dealing with an insolvent spouse

W arwick (Formerly Yarwood) v Trustee in Bankruptcy of Clive Graham Yarwood [2010] is a further reminder (if needed after Haines v Hill & anor [2007]) of the need for family lawyers to advise clients of the risk of bankruptcy during their matrimonial proceedings and that the status of an agreement and a court order are very different.

In the first of a two-part analysis of the regulation of embryology, Seamus Burns examines the role of recently culled Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

The recent announcement by the new coalition government of the cull and bonfire of many quangos or arm’s length bodies, (ALBs), including the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) whose functions will be allocated to other existing and retained health ALBs by the end of this current Parliament (ie May 2015), signals the demise of arguably one of the more effective and respected quangos, and it is an opportune time to reflect and assess the role, successes and challenges faced by HFEA since its creation in 1991 up to the end of 2010.

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