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Rushmi Sethi

Rushmi Sethi

Rushmi Sethi considers contributory negligence in lung cancer claims in mostly asbestos-exposed smokers

The inhalation of asbestos dust and fibres can lead to a number of diseases. The diseases most commonly associated with asbestos exposure are asbestosis (scarring of the tissue of the lungs resulting from the inhalation of asbestos dust and fibres), lung cancer (a malignant cancer of the lung tissue), and mesothelioma (a malignant cancer of the lining of the internal organs). There have been some recent decisions in the UK courts dealing with contributory negligence in the context of asbestos-related lung cancer claims.

Rushmi Sethi examines clinical negligence claims concerning ophthalmic injuries

The purpose of this article is to consider the recent case law relating to eye injury claims, considering in particular the medico-legal aspects that lawyers should be aware of. This article is also based upon research I carried out regarding treatment for eye injuries with Professor Claoue, consultant opthalmic surgeon.

Rushmi Sethi explores the inter-relationships between personal injury and employment law, when dealing with liability for psychological injury in occupational stress claims

Liability for psychological injury in occupational stress claims is a rapidly evolving area of the law of tort, and the following discussion shows the range of issues in employees’ claims for psychological injury that have been brought to trial.

Rushmi Sethi considers the association between trauma and chronic widespread pain

The High Court case of Murphy v Ministry of Defence [2016] clarifies how the courts approach the issue of chronic widespread pain. The analysis of the claimant’s expert evidence was accepted by the court, including their view that the claimant’s symptoms arose from the original work accident.