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05 February 2016  

Charlie Rae reviews a recent case on whether an employer’s instruction to an employee not to speak her native language at work was unlawful

The UK’s labour force is highly diverse, with a wide range of cultures and nationalities now being represented. While the pros and cons of immigration to the UK continue to be something of a political hot potato, the economic reality for many employers is that they are ever more reliant on migrant workers from across the EU and beyond. Sectors such as agriculture, hospitality and manufacturing are increasingly dependent on workers whose first language is not English.


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  • Case(s) Referenced:

    Dziedziak v Future Electronics Limited [2012] UKEAT/0270/11

    Jurga v Lavendale Montessori [2012] ET/3302379

    Kelly v Covance Laboratories Ltd [2015] UKEAT/0186/15

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